AI-powered contract review platform

High-quality and speedy contract review for red flags and market standards backed by a full review of the best-matched lawyer.

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Why you need Loya?

It protects you and your business from signing unsafe contracts in the absence of full legal support or when you need faster and higher quality contract review.

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Not getting paid on time or not being able to influence the counterparty

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These are contracts where you may

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Be subject to fines, penalties, claims, or lawsuits that could jeopardize your business

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Lose your intellectual property due to unscrupulous employees or contractors.

And many other things...

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Who is it designed for?

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In-house counsel

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How it works?

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You upload the contract in .doc or .docx format

It is reviewed for red flags and market standards with our law-trained AI

The best-matched lawyer from our marketplace finalises the contract



Get a summary of your contract with the general description of its key points.

How long to deliver?

1-2 minutes

Get a contract review result with the list of most important clauses that should be changed or added for your favour.


How long to deliver?

1-2 minutes


Full review of the contract by the best-matched lawyer from our marketplace.

How long to deliver?

Up to 24 hours


We can customize the platform to meet your company's individual requirements with our

Contract Review AI Playbook.

What types of contracts can be reviewed?

The platform is currently trained to deal better with IT agreements, however, other types of contracts are also processed at good quality level.

Software licence agreements

Cloud services agreements


Software (IP rights) ownership transfer agreements

IT professional services agreements

Confidentiality issue

We take great care to protect confidential or personal data in your contracts:

  • We do not access the contracts for the automated contract check. The AI model receives the contract data in an anonymized form.

  • For the full contract review, we will only access your contract upon your prior express consent.

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